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Friday, September 19, 2008

Matching Set

Marc was released yesterday from the hospital before noon. A two day stay for this type of surgery must be some sort of record, but things are going really well for him. He has a lot less pain and swelling than he did with the right knee. Now he has a matched set!

The new protocol is to start physical therapy right away, so he had a session this morning as therapist Jean gets to work on him for range of motion. These sessions are pretty brutal given the fact that his knee is still stapled together but within just two short weeks he should be walking much better and have much more range. He will continue with PT every other day and take up in Coos Bay where he leaves off here in Bend.
The staples are due to be pulled out a week from today and we will be on our way back to Coos Bay for the three month recuperation. We can hardly wait to be back at our beloved coast and park model!