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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here Fishy Fishy

Being Pacific Northwesterners Marc and I much prefer fish and seafood over beef. This is fresh Alaskan salmon season (the only kind we’ll eat; read about how unhealthy polluted farmed Atlantic salmon is sometime and you won’t ever buy it again either) and even though the season has been a poor one, Albertson’s finally got in some whole Coho (silver) salmon reasonably priced. It was time for some work!

A few weeks ago, our new vacuum sealer had arrived and Marc was anxious to give it a try. We got tired of buying and quickly burning out the Talia Food savers so Marc opted for a commercial grade one from an internet supplier. He has not been disappointed in it. He and mom went to work—Marc cut the whole salmon into steaks (gives much more meat than fillets and barbecues better too we think) and mom packaged them two to a bag and then Marc went to town sealing. We figure our freezer only has room for this amount of fish and there is a good chance we will have the opportunity to catch our own once we are back in Coos Bay. As it stands now, the freezer is pretty full of clams, some tuna, and the halibut we got earlier. There is also quite a catch of picked crab meat waiting for me to make crab brushetta—just about the yummiest thing we know. The glory of living on the coast has not dimmed one iota for us and hopefully we’ll be healthier people from all the omega 6 we ingest!