And the road goes on forever...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Autumn Already?

The arrival into Bend went uneventfully. The low tire is a complete mystery since I watched it like a hawk and never had any more trouble with it. Maybe someone tampered with it.

The days are pretty quiet here; I am getting lots of odd ball stuff done, like having my hair cut, coloring it, cleaning and waxing the Freightliner, cleaning my car, cleaning the RV, doing some shopping. We had a sudden and unexpected turn towards autumn as temperatures dropped under freezing at night for two nights in a row and day time highs didn’t even exceed 60. What a change from Texas! I am even running heat in the RV.

My daughter and her boyfriend made it down for a Labor Day visit and we had a wonderful barbecue dinner last evening which also included my son Neil and his wife Hillary. It was great having everyone together. I will be traveling north to Tacoma to help my daughter out late this next week but only for a few days. Marc will be flying in on Monday the 8th and I hope to be back to pick him up from the airport. I continue to have internet access problems so the blog will suffer.