And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

All That Glistens

What is it about a rainbow of shiny old cars that puts nostalgia into high gear? On this fine day in August in Bend, it’s the Cruz-In pre 1979 car show at Drake Park that draws huge crowds. We join the throng early in the morning alongside the gorgeous downtown section of the Deschutes River flanked by gracious old homes that now run into the million-dollar range. Drake Park truly is a jewel as is the surrounding historic neighborhood with beckoning craftsman cottages flanked by majestic old growth trees.
We’ve been to several old car shows but I think this one tops the list for the amount of cars shown. The crowds love it as we gaze upon the ridiculous to the sublime.
Older cars are scattered in with newer ones and usually sport some type of fantastic neon paint job.
There is a strong showing for the muscle car years, with several of my favorites. Only one Plymouth Barracuda however, and I am reminded of a high school friend whose older boyfriend had one and that she always got to drive it, receiving her share of speeding tickets. There are stock Mustangs, GTO’s, Cameros and Firebirds. I find this to be one of the most attractive Firebirds ever made before they started stretching them. At another oldie we marvel at an engine unlike any other I have seen that produces 745 horsepower!
Finally Mom & I spot a 1962 Lincoln Continental convertible. Although ours wasn’t a convertible, we had a 1964 when I was in high school which looked very similar. I walk to the back and laugh out loud as I gaze upon the vast length of the trunk lid, thinking to myself about the way I had to take my driver’s licensing test in this tuna boat and was it any wonder I failed the parallel parking on the first attempt?