And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I just got my first regular weekly client today; an 88 year old woman who has health and mobility problems which interfere with her ability to cook for herself so she wants me to come in five days a week every morning for two hours to make her breakfast and prep something for her dinner. She has a lovely home about three miles away and as she tells me, a kitchen well stocked with pots and pans! So get to it girl! Just kidding; she was very sweet and it will be nice to have a regular gig to attend to.

Meanwhile, our cat deals with the daily heat by lying on his back all day on the lino with his legs spread like some sleazy hooker. The only thing we can guess is that somehow this position must help cool him off. I can’t imagine wearing a fur coat when it is 100 out.

The fuel economy has fallen so badly on the Dodge with the demise of its exhaust system that Marc decided to spring for a Banks system which he plans to install in a couple of weeks. I don’t even want to mention the thousands it cost! Still better than a new diesel one ton he keeps assuring me. On an added note, I held the light and he worked until well after dark the other evening on my Saturn, which had suddenly lost half its transmission fluid and was shifting badly. Why those engines aren’t made with a dip stick to check that stuff is beyond us. We’re hoping I dodged the bullet of ordering up a rebuilt transmission for it, as so far the leak appears to have been arrested and it is shifting better.

Just life as normal, in good ‘ol hot Yuma, AZ.