And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Solace

While surveying the other day out in the country I had to do the line and meter to the Hog Wild Smokehouse. It looked interesting enough I suggested it to Marc as a stop for lunch or dinner since it is less than five miles from our campground and he is always on the hunt for authentic and real southern BBQ. It has a roadhouse feel, having in prior incarnations been a biker bar, and features a simple inside dining area with about 16-18 tables and an outside porch with another five or so. The website reviews were all positive since the owners do authentic New Orleans style pork and Creole, having grown up in Louisiana. The big deal is the six secret sauces they feature and the variety of flavor enhancement that offers. They smoke the meats on site right behind the restaurant.

If you’re in the area and a BBQ fanatic, do yourself a favor and drop by. You won’t regret it. The reviews were spot on and we greatly enjoyed our Hog Wild Platter featuring half a chicken, half pound pulled pork (or brisket), a pound of ribs, slow-cooked baked beans, coleslaw, 6 mini-cheese cornbread muffins, Cajun spiced plank fries and hot baked cinnamon apples, offered up for $28. Of course, seeing alligator nuggets on the menu for the first time we had to also indulge in some of that yumminess, not having had any since our trip in 1992 to Disney World. It has always had me wondering why alligator is never available to us in the west.

Marc was so taken with the Cajun Voodoo sauce, offered up at $4.75 a bottle; that he is returning today, having made special arrangements with the owner, to purchase an entire gallon of the stuff so he can can it into pint jars! When we leave Virginia we’ll be taking a taste of her along with us.