And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From Missouri to Indiana, August 1

Everyone of course, recognizes the Gateway Arch placed along St. Louis, MO’s waterfront and this morning we got a very quick gander at it as we whizzed by on the convoluted freeway system. It was a busy place even hitting it on a Sunday morning but once east of the city center it doesn’t take long to clear out of the city and back into more farm country and the ubiquitous row after row of cornfields. I swear, after three states full of nothing but growing corn, I’m convinced that must be all we grow here in the U.S.

We traversed a small portion of Illinois, with traffic peeling off towards Chicago and the next mass exodus veering off towards Tennessee then we were left in light traffic bliss on I-64 as we ourselves headed toward Louisville, Kentucky. Indiana started off flatter but increased in hilliness until our stop tonight once we entered the Hoosier National Forest. We figured we needed to pull off the freeway to try and find any boondocking in the forest and hadn’t gone even a couple blocks when I spotted a prime site right off Hwy. 37. We pulled in and circled the wagons and enjoy a canopy of woods right outside our doorstep and a bucolic pasture view out back. We are in view of the highway from one direction which we never like but it couldn’t be helped and we’re thankful to even find boondocking in this state as it’s another RV unfriendly one to mark on the map.