And the road goes on forever...

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love Williamsburg!

Intending to beat the crowds to get some pictures without people in them, we snag a free all-day parking spot on the street in Williamsburg and start our saunter down Henry Street. Imagine our surprise when we stumble upon a lively farmer’s market, full of people walking dogs and chatting up neighbors. It’s a convivial atmosphere that sucks us right in.

We meander onto the famous campus of William and Mary College, here since a Royal charter in 1693 and Thomas Jefferson’s Alma matter. Despite its relatively small undergraduate student body it is considered an Ivy league school. It is quiet here today with classes not yet having started save for some pile driving they are doing in a construction zone. Marc chats up the workers and we capture yet more photos.

Despite the growing traffic which intensifies with the morning, I have fallen totally in love with this town’s charm. What a special place these people get to live in.