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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Too Small a Lot; Too Much Stuff!

Not entirely content with where the park model was placed Marc thought about switching it to the back of the lot, crosswise. Then we thought about the cost to do new hookups, have a crane swing it into place, and other numerous impediments. I liked where it was for the fact of it facing the street (its best facade), the mountain view out the living room window and front porch, and the fact of directly walking from the patio instead of through gravel. So, we compromised when Marc figured it out that by moving the park model over about three feet encroaching over the patio he would have a wider side yard to park stuff; namely the boat and maybe his work trailer.

First order was to move the park model into the street and out of the way. Our neighbor Ron was there to help all the way. After hitch-up with the Freightliner, with the correct size ball this time, Marc eased out and over the curb cut and into the street. The park model joined the flatbed and the shed trailers on our quiet street.

Marc then hitched up to the shed trailer backing it into the far back corner of the lot literally right next to the block wall. Since it is a trailer and not a permanent structure, there will be no set back requirements the county can enforce even though it will remain for the future as a storage shed. This way we can get maximum use out of all our lot’s square footage.

Like the ace driver he is, Marc rehitched the Freightliner to the park model and even without mirrors wide enough to see around its girth, he backed that baby in like a pro in one shot. Whew, it was close though. With no room to maneuver he had to leave it canted and then he and Ron got busy hand-winching it over about four feet which took over an hour of jacking and winching. They carefully measured to get the front aligned with the back end, allowing for about ten feet so we can fit the boat alongside. Great job guys! There is still much to be done, but figuring out the structure of the lot is done. Next up: we get an “oh no, what will the neighbors say” red sea container!