And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Conquering Hero

Well, maybe not quite although Marc has certainly been doing more than his fair share of tasks around here lately. At sundown the other day he climbed up on the park model roof and spread on the “goop”, white, thick, plastic-type paint meant to reduce heat gain. It stands to reason rather than the dark asphalt shingles absorbing all Yuma’s sun, to have something light that reflects the rays instead. The gable-ended portion of roof which covers only our front porch and the only portion of roof visible will remain original because hey—this stuff is ugly!

For some reason during development of our section, the powers that be decided that our lot needed some fill, so on went layer upon layer of (mostly) rocks and sand. One would think in the desert a person could expect sand and indeed, we do have sand after our two foot deep layer of rock. Digging the trenching for the RO system water line was hard work for Marc in the broiling sun. Any time we dig a hole for anything; this is what we put up with: wheelbarrow loads of rock.

Time for a break with our wonderful neighbors Ron and Jan and some barbecued T bones served al fresco! And yes, we’ve had a slight wee bit of fly problems lately, hence the need for personal fly swatters! Marc captures the party from the roof and some pictures of our mountainous view to tantalize me into wanting a rooftop deck even more. Our only problem is where to build one? Eventually, we may consider some type of stucco structure over the RV which could accommodate such a deck. Now wouldn’t that be great for entertaining?