And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Husband!

In celebration of Marc’s unmentionable age, the neighbor’s threw an impromptu party for him Friday evening. As our hot work day (RO system trenching totally completed) cooled into a wonderfully pleasant evening, we gathered, visited, laughed a lot; watched Ron work his grilled burger magic and downed our fair share of his perfect margaritas. One couple, Tom and Melanie, have a party pontoon boat which they enjoy taking out on the Colorado River so we made future plans to all get together for another party once Marc gets our boat here from Bend, which is his next load. It’ll be a raft-up of good times!! (raft-up: in boaters terms, the occasion of two or more boats rafted together for purposes of all those aboard being able to intermingle out on the water!). Thanks for the party Ron and Jan!