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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Bridge to the Future

Our daughter has been married off and it is time to move on and make some decisions about our lives and what comes next. Marc continues to struggle with no responses to his repeated attempts at trying to get interviews and in most cases we don’t even know if the company in question ever really received his resume in the first place. Internet job searches are so impersonal and fruitless.

Years ago I had taken some introductory medical classes thinking I had interest in heading in that direction career-wise. Somehow I just never had the opportunity to make use of those classes but in reviewing careers that seem to be most in demand in most locations, one can’t escape anything smacking of the health field. The problem with much of it is that the training process can be quite extensive, involved and time consuming. Reviewing options, I recently made the determination that if I could get schooled as a Certified Nurse’s Aide it might behoove me to do so. First, the time frame is very short, mere months. Secondly, from the plethora of want ads in any given town crying for CNA’s it appears to be in high demand. Thirdly, it’s a highly mobile career; many states feature reciprocity once a license is held in one state which makes it easy to get re-licensed in a new state. Finally, there is huge opportunity to work up.

I bumped into a barrier right away however in that there is a severe lack of training classes available compared to the demand that exists for them. Typically, a nursing home will offer the class, hoping to gain fiat employees from the graduating class and they limit their classes to only several times a year, ten students at a time. Some will only allow you in as a student if they have already decided to hire you as a future CNA so the classes aren’t open to the general public.

Lady Luck decided to smile on me this week however; I had applied to one offered in Coos Bay and just found out that I will be accepted into it, starting April 27th. School runs for two months; with a month of classroom experience and another month of clinical in the nursing home. Then after a three week hiatus, I will test at the state level for certification so should obtain that sometime in July.

Since we left our RV on our lot in Yuma Marc has no choice but to return for that. He will continue to look for work from there at least until June; with the thought being if he obtains a project in the south, the RV is better off being towed from that shorter distance. Why the south? Because it seems to be the only place where construction projects are still active and the most likelihood exists. So, the Road Warrior left earlier today, on his quest…while his damsel sits in Coos Bay on hers. Time to live apart for awhile; I hope it doesn’t prove too long.

Being in school all day and living alone is not going to lend itself to great blog material so I apologize in advance if the blog goes unusually quiet.