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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Art and Sunshine in Coos Bay

The sunshine promised a nice gorgeous day, the activities headline promised a fun event at the local Pony Village Mall. Somehow the promise of both didn’t quite meet my expectations. The wind built to an uncomfortable velocity, running me indoors from my task of repotting some plants. The mall was holding a wine tasting, gourmet and flower show event so I struck out to check that out.

The Pony Village Mall is actually a well done, very comfortable space but in dire need of more stores. I guess in terms of “anchors” there is a Ross store which seems to do fairly well and a small Macy’s which constantly amazes me that it stays in business in this town of economic underprivileged. Many others have sadly closed. The crowd was small, but in all fairness, there is also a Home and Improvement show going on this weekend in another part of the community.

As I wandered amidst the representative Oregon wine tasting stations it made me wonder why I would come to something like this by myself. Wine tasting alone is no fun; it takes at least a partner and sometimes even more is better, as evidenced by this group of engaged young women.

Skipping wine, I proceeded to check out the orchid show. These things always amaze me; how can a plant with one flower sell for so much? They were beautiful and colorful:

From there, I caught the art show. My lead photograph was made by a wood carver who specialized in burls. There was quite a bit of watercolor print work, most nondescript, and a few pieces of ceramic and other glassware.

A final look and listen to the young kids’ jazz band, Lab Band; and I was on my way home; just another lonely day in Coos Bay. I miss Marc.