And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Naps on the Porch

Marc's just left after a crazy, busy visit that seemed way too short. As the honey-do list expands, he seems to slow down--he loses two days to travel coming and going and takes at least a day here to recover from the trip since the flight arrives at midnight, so that's essentially another mostly wasted day. This lifestyle of always working with only short breaks, and not seeing each other is not for sissies.

I'm moving into my time tomorrow running the Humane Society rummage, which will keep me hopping for the next ten days solid. I'll be pulling some long hours, wondering how I will get time to keep up with the yard work, watering, and giving the cats supervised time outside.

I did get my arbor done while he was here and I absolutely am head over heels with it. I did the design and painting and Marc did the engineering. Given the footings he secured it with, this thing won't be going anywhere in our high wind storms. We had one that tore through here not long ago which did lots of damage to trees and buildings as it was straight line winds clocked at 70 mph. We're topping the arbor with bird houses and I've planted two climbing roses at its base. It makes a great focal entryway over our stepping stone pathway to the house.

While he was here the weather mostly cooperated which allowed him to get up and fly the drone for some neighborhood shots. I'm always amazed how green this area is and how beautiful in its bucolic way. He sure wishes he no longer had to be in the desert! Speaking of which, I'll include a couple drone shots of his humble abode (our Grand Villa) parked next to his trailer job office. Since I left he lives on site as that gives him additional income operating as a theft deterrent. The project is coming along nicely as you can note from the photos. Back after the rummage!