And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

This is My Life These Days

Immediately upon my return I of course unpacked the rig, and then got busy with six months of neglected housecleaning. It was time to clean the open shelving; a task I always dread since it involves not only the step stool but sometimes precariously balancing on the countertop and reaching far overhead. Despite it all I wouldn’t change a thing—the open kitchen shelving is one of my favorite things about my house! 

Since rain is now keeping me indoors I have moved on to caulking the melamine edging in preparation for priming and painting. These shelves were always meant as a first temporary step—something cheap and fast to get up for storage, but now with Marc gone for who knows how many years, it has become apparent they will have to be stared at for years. I figure I at least need to make them look more finished. Eventually the hope is for some thick, solid planks. 

My yard of course, was overgrown; the grass was pushing 5-6 inches and the weeds even taller. It took a good week to clear out and plant my flower beds in front. In addition, I got things set up for all the bird life I found and they have really moved in since then. We have more birds than ever before and I am seeing species never here before either so it’s been like an aviary. Hearing their cheery song fill the days is so pleasant.
Something we’ve battled since living here is the distance from the house to the shop and driveway and walking through wet grass or mud. I determined that this would be the summer when I did something to help the situation so now having the advantage of the truck, I took it to Mennard’s and loaded up on pavers that match others we have as landings. I then got a walkway measured out and designed and lugged the heavy things into placement. Since the pavers weigh 32 pounds each and I had like 35 or so, this was no easy task. The pavers have sat there, helping to kill the grass underneath and I’ve slowly been cutting and digging out the holes to sink them ground level. This too, is a lot of hard work, since it’s done bent-over with a pick axe and isn’t easy on my bad back, so I’m lucky if I get three a day done.
In amongst all this work, Marc managed to fly home for a four day visit and we enjoyed a fish fry Friday at our favorite bar and grill, Rustic Woods Campground. They have the most marvelous live edge bar which I always drool over (even without a beer in my hand), hoping maybe someday we can design an island for our kitchen which can incorporate something similar. You may recall right now I am using a $100 Sam’s Club stainless work table! Live edge has become particularly popular as a focal point for making unique furniture and bars and I am finding lots of local Wisconsin sources for the slabs, using everything from pine, maple, ash, hickory and walnut.
While Marc was here he got the garden rototilled and ready for planting, which I hurriedly did that Saturday. Since he won’t be around I have no need for as large a garden as I had last year so it is relatively simple this year, mainly with greens and just three tomato plants. He did hit it right on time to see spring unfolding and awakening here on our property—just gorgeous!

His visit was too short and I’ve settled into my summer routine: mowing, yard work, gardening, and volunteering for the shelter. I peruse Pinterest constantly for ideas I can incorporate into the yard so I’m working on some potentials I can manage to do myself. I try and add a few more perennials each year and I’d love to plant more trees if I can figure out how to lift them by myself. Old age is not kind to muscle power.