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Friday, May 26, 2017

I'm Cooking!

It’s been particularly cool and rainy lately in Wisconsin but despite that I have gotten some major accomplishments either done or started! And actually, with how bad my circulation has become in older age where I overheat so easily, having the cool temps has been a Godsend for working in the outdoors.

The stepping stone pathway is completed! Thank God for that; it was a lot of digging and then hauling the dirt to the back lot and I must have moved each of those 32 pound blocks at least four times each over the course of building. I have noticed my arm muscles have sure improved though, ha.  
In looking at the pictures of the walkway you no doubt noticed a new wood structure near to the house. That is one of my research projects where I determined our home needed more curb appeal to help out the fact it is not finished in front so I decided to build a split rail accent fence by myself. Viola and holy cow—wow do I love the results!!!! For one thing, it perfectly accentuates the flower bed and was just what that needed.
Obviously, I still need to complete the opposite side in the same fashion, which I hope to get done this weekend if weather allows. My hands are so full of arthritic pain at this point that it has become hard for me to hold onto anything but I will try my best. 

I’ve been harvesting our wild asparagus and I’ve had several pickings. Now I am letting them grow to seed to make some for next year. Something new to us is letting a part of our mowing go. Our neighbor started a “meadow” a couple of years ago, and I really liked the looks of it so we decided to forego mowing on about half our other lot and I’m loving the effect. I think it adds interest and is probably better for the grass as well. Now if I could only annihilate all those dandelions.
I picked up this old rusty gate recently. Hum, wonder what I am going to do with that?