And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Tucked into what one could mistakenly think is Tuscany, Italy, among towering and now leafless Arizona sycamore trees, is a shopping center like none other. Crowded with people this fine 75 degree Saturday in Sedona, we too mingle with the others and gawk and photograph our way through woven alleyways spilling into numerous courtyards filled with colorful tile, magnificent artwork, and fountains.
People stroll and take their time, marveling at the boutique shops or sit sipping wine and dining al fresco at the numerous restaurants. Some of the shops are Hansel and Gretel quaint, like Red Rock Candle & Gift and others feel like an open air marketplace in Europe with wares like exotic rugs on display. We ourselves all eat at the Oak Creek Brewery and Grill and enjoy a fine meal. Musicians are set up scattered throughout playing soft background music, selling CDs of new age jazz.
Being a fountain connoisseur, my heart is happy as I encounter a new temptation in every plaza or courtyard. They are relaxing and beautiful. Gosh, I get to thinking, I could live here it is so enchanting.
For those who enjoy artwork, there are myriad galleries and all sorts of patio artwork on display. It’s a not-to-be-missed experience if one is visiting Sedona.