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Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Elementary Dear Watson

With Marc gone and before the temperatures got too hot for being outdoors, I accomplished some needed painting. Now everything that should be blue is back to being that way, looking fresh and clean.
Feeling creative lately (more in a moment) and looking for additional space to hang earrings, I inserted some trim into a picture frame and hung it on my vanity wall. Yes, I noticed I hung it crooked—where’s a man when you need one? Crooked or not, it works fabulously for very little cost since the frame is a thrift store find.
Readers know by now about my newly found interest in rockhounding. Alas, it’s a hobby that can only be pursued about six months of the year in the desert, so I was looking for something new to occupy myself during the lonely indoor days of summer. I know lots of ladies who bead so I got to doing a little research on jewelry making in general. I read about it, bought books, looked at websites until I was cross-eyed and sleepy, and wandered up and down the bead aisles at Joann’s and Michael’s, our only local sources. 

Finally, in the past few days I committed myself to trying my hand at it, figuring at the very least it probably would be fun. I figure eventually if I get to the point of being able to polish and use my own rocks in pieces I make, it will be like completing the circle. Let me tell you, it takes quite a few supplies and for a novice with no training, it can also involve quite a few mistakes. Somehow, despite having some of the wrong type supplies for what I was attempting to do, I muddled through my first day’s fun, ending up with the following three pair of earrings. They are quite rudimentary and hopefully they won’t fall apart before I’ve had a chance to wear them and show them off awhile, but I’m sure it’s all part of the learning curve. The main thing is I did prove myself right: this is way fun!