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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Over the Top

Marc now spends much of his free time cooking and baking and despite the small size of our kitchen there is always room for something like this—a new, original Boos Butcher Block made to order! Boos has been making professional level butcher blocks out of hard rock Maple in Illinois since the 1800's. There's one in the White House.

When the large truck arrived and I told Marc that I bought him a new toy as a surprise for his anniversary gift and told him it weighed around 270 pounds he was not only flabbergasted but stymied. That soon passed once he peeked inside the box although I’m not sure he realized it was going to be a stand-alone block and not just a cutting board.

After dinner, he soon set about putting it together since the legs and casters needed attaching. It took both of us to tip it upright, where Marc finished the process by attaching the knife holder to the side.

Mere words fail to describe the singular sensation of cutting on something like this. There is a denseness and solidness that is beyond belief—it truly gives the art of cutting or chopping a new glory. Every time we look at it we smile and run our hands over the smooth top as though it’s a thoroughbred born to race. What a beautiful piece of functional art that can be handed down through generations to use and cherish.