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Monday, August 29, 2011

Haboob? Or Just Sympathy Pains?

(Due to our internet being down all day Sunday this blog was posted a day late).

It arrived very suddenly with shrieking blasts around 10 p.m. last night and after it had blown through, we thought that the hurricane hitting New York had somehow gotten misdirected. I’m talking about a ferocious wind/thunderstorm which pounded our neighborhood for about an hour’s worth of destruction. A quick check with our neighborhood this morning and all suffered some type of damage.

Here’s what’s left of the tarp covering Marc’s work area on our lot. Looking around at many downed trees on others’ lots, I can’t believe ours didn’t suffer any damage.

Lots of gates blew down or out.

And the flapping blue tarp crowd is “a really flapping” now!

Odd spots of upheaval like this porch in disarray and an upended large BBQ and some poor guy’s very expensive gazebo ruined. (By the way, despite the lead in picture of ours dancing like a banshee, it survived, thanks to Marc’s good anchoring system.)

There are a lot of roofs damaged, metal torn off, even heavy tile lifted and scattered broken about all over yards. Many of these owners are absentee of course, so they perhaps won’t know of the damage until they return this winter. This was about the worst wind storm we have been in here in Yuma and followed the haboob (dust storm) they experienced in Phoenix yesterday early evening. Even this morning our Gila Mountain range disappeared to our vision there was so much dust stirred up.