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Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Do Crazy Old Snowbirds and Teenagers Have in Common? Or a Little Tequila Never Hurt Anyone!

Obviously, I’m starting at the tail end of this story when a bunch of 55-85 year old snowbirds got busted for being too noisy. What? It wasn’t even 8:45 p.m.—who turned us in?

Was it the wild conga line of old gals waiting to dance with Tony Topete, the most marvelous mariachi crooner this side of Baja?

Or was it Jan’s Mexican rendition with Tony that set things in motion or the fact that she was barkeep of the margaritas for much of the night?

Was it the fact that even my mother finally broke loose and hit the floor as a hoofer after doing her stint of crooning with Tony?

Perhaps it was Stan convincing Bill and Tony that he really did need to perform his Elvis impression on the karaoke machine?

Or maybe it goes all the way back to the cook fest of all that Mexican food and the guys slaving over two grills and carne asada to die for, huh?

Whatever it was—we all thought it was one of the best parties ever! This all came about to honor Pete and Betty, our next door neighbors, who due to Pete’s health find it necessary to sell their home here and remain closer to their main residence near Portland. They will be sorely missed in the neighborhood but I think all of us agree; that was one sweet send-off. How many 70+ year old guys can say their party was busted by the cops? There’s plenty of life left in these old geezers!