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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Claudia’s New Happy Place

I haven’t mentioned our new project that we’ve been working on. Several years ago we had noted the use of those canvas canopy/gazebos on many of the lots and thought they looked like a good economical shade structure. With my mother here this winter I thought it would be nice if we could go ahead and purchase one so she would be able to sit outside out of the sun and sometimes the wind. Many of the gazebos come with full curtains and can be totally closed up much like a tent. I found one that has both curtains and bug netting so either/or can be utilized. Yuma rarely has any bugs of note in winter but in very late spring there can be flies that invade for awhile.

Yuma is notorious for its sometimes windy days during winter so Marc figured he had better secure the legs in a permanent fashion to concrete footings so the gazebo didn’t end up in someone else’s yard. The first task was putting all the metal pieces together in the approximate area where it would be sited.

Next we removed the gravel, and then he proceeded to install an electrical connection up one leg directly wired into the park model panel. This allowed for the possibility of hanging a chandelier, which can further be (via extension cord) quickly taken down in inclement weather and at the end of the season.

Once the footings were poured, we had Mexican brick delivered directly from Mexico, then two workers set about placing it in a herringbone pattern. This brick is not grouted; sand is used to secure its placement, much like the interlocking pavers we have in other parts of our patio. The Mexican brick defines this space as being separate from the rest of the patio, which was what we were after, plus the fact that the cost ran about one third what pavers would have been. We purchased extra and Marc intends on continuing the pattern into the back of the lot to the storage shed and possibly around the spa. But that’s later.

After washing the dust off all the furniture, we moved it to its new home inside the gazebo, hung the chandelier and curtains and now it’s all ready for game playing or evening al fresco dining in front of the fire pit. I have in mind additional decorating items I will eventually add to make it more like the outdoor room I envision but for now, it’s time to go enjoy it! Wow, do we love this!