And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just A Note

Be patient; more is coming soon. I am working on a very long installment which will take several parts to convey and this is just fair warning that once it is posted it will be picture-intensive with quite a few panoramas if I can get them loaded OK into Blogger format. So if the next time you click to load my pages they seem to take forever to load you'll know why.

Meanwhile, we are working 40 miles away pulling long days so it has become very difficult for me to do much writing and working with the 500 photos we took for this upcoming story. We have new plans this coming weekend too, which means the blog will actually probably fall at least two or maybe three weeks behind our activities as they happen.

Temperatures are starting to ease and fall is happening here so we're on the verge of it getting even more beautiful!