And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, September 26, 2010


This has been one of our most uneventful weeks since arriving in Virginia in terms of accomplishing much beyond working. It was another particularly brutal week filled with high heat, hurtin’ feet, dog attacks and even people rashly chewing us out for being in their yards. Marc had to dig so many probe holes looking for leaks, he badly threw his back out so our weekend has been one of quiet relaxation in anticipation of trying to get in shape for one more week in this assignment.

We’re left with two maps, one of which was in such a bad area we stashed it out of sight and out of mind and switched over to the other. It’s a huge area with an eclectic group of homes, old and new (read meters in the back on the old homes) and the James River Marina for our lunch breaks. Both are long commutes from where we’re staying so our hours have become particularly long given an hour’s drive tacked on to each end of our 8.5 hour day.

The company continues to frustrate us with their inability to decide where to send us next since we turned down their third location, Birmingham, AL. (What happened to the first two locations they mentioned to us is a mystery; both of which would have been suitable). They don’t appear to have liked us saying "no" to a location we knew we would be miserable in, so we will have to see what develops. All we know is that our space rent is up on October 5th, so come that morning our wheels will be turning in a new direction and if not one of the company’s choosing, it will be of our own volition as to where we feel like going next! This area has been wonderful but is way too expensive for us if we aren’t making any money.