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Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Killing" Time

Here I sit with my boring days of hibernation. If anything is to be done this time of year in Yuma it had better happen before 9 a.m. We haven’t had a break from triple digits during the day for two weeks and probably won’t until about, oh say October! Very early mornings are the only time really tolerable at about 75-80 degrees. I now try and walk by 5:30 a.m. so despite not being pressed to do so, I am up every morning well before dawn.

I’ve been alone this week; Marc took off to work on a small construction remodel and some various other projects for a friend in southern California. He expects it to take about a week to ten days and by the time he returns we hope to have heard positively on jobs we’ve been pursuing. But so far…nothing.

The good news to report is that my son-in-law Brandon was released from Afghanistan day before yesterday and is leaving the air force base late tonight, headed via Germany or Ireland to Dallas and thence Ft. Lewis. We’re all so relieved he is headed home safely after a really wretched year of service on his second deployment. He said Afghanistan was much worse than Iraq. At least Iraq has some vestiges of civilization; Afghanistan, nothing. Sure makes you wonder why we’re there. Oh that’s right: the “newly” discovered trillions of dollars worth of mineral wealth must have something to do with it. Unfortunately, 36 soldiers from Brandon’s 5th Stryker Brigade won’t be returning to home soil alive to have their reunions with loved ones and families. Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers while our Administration squabbles it out with its war generals.