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Monday, January 18, 2010

In Memoriam: Richard Duske

Marc’s father passed away of a second major heart attack last evening. Although a devastating thing to have happen, the family is at least thankful that he did not suffer too long and that he also had the chance to be brought back from his first attack long enough to see some of his family and experience their love.

I never got to know Dick as well as I probably should have, but I will remember him as a very caring and jovial person. He was always interested in putting others first; he was pragmatic; he found joy in living every single day and he was tremendously supportive of others. Although he had suffered through some major health issues in recent years which partially disabled him, he was a fighter and never one to feel sorry for himself or become bitter over it; in fact he was good natured to the end. In that, he passed along a life lesson for us all.

Rest in peace, Dad. We love you.