And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cioppino New Year

With a delicious mix of tomato base, crab, oysters, rockfish, shrimp, halibut, onion and peppers, we all dig into a celebratory New Year’s day Cioppino Marc has made us. Ours was a relatively quiet celebration given the continuing bad weather and our watchful eyes on my father, home from the hospital finally on Dec. 29th. His progress continues to be slow and Marc continues to build new and improved implements and modifications to the house and furniture to ease his transition.

The dawn of the new year has not given us any new inspiration; just a new determination to set a course and head out soon. When…we still don’t know. Where…we do: first stop Coos Bay. Meanwhile it has warmed up a tad since these frozen pictures but Tucker, our cat, still continues to enjoy slugging out all day in front of the catalytic heaters. Having never seen a cat get into quite this position before, I managed to snap a picture! We finally also have water back in the RV—have mercy!

Finally, even though this is a totally un-retouched photo I thought it remarkable due to the fact that for a few days this is the way the world appeared here on the property: black and white and shades of grey. The color had washed from the landscape with winter’s brush as if a giant artist had made a painting devoid of all color. Nearly like our mood this winter.