And the road goes on forever...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Deep Freeze--in Bend

I think we’re finally moving beyond our arctic temperatures; we started out with 11 degrees this morning instead of -10 of the past few days. The routine here in Bend remains much the same, revolving around the timing of the daily trips to the hospital. The latest prognosis on my father is that he could be in the hospital rehab unit for another three weeks and beyond that is still a mystery.

Our RV remains totally frozen inside so Marc hasn’t deployed the slides or even parked it in its spot. Despite running the two Olympic catalytic heaters non-stop, none of the water or drain lines have yet unthawed enough to really live in the thing. We’re hoping it unthaws this coming week with rising temps since we leave tomorrow for Coos Bay. It’s imperative we attend to some things there; plus even the coast got down as low as 20 degrees and we want to make sure there was no damage to the park model. This trip we only intend to be in Coos Bay for about a week since my mother continues to depend upon us to help out. Once back here, Marc needs to work on fixing the generator and the Freightliner yet again. It blew a gasket just before his trip back from Washington so he limped it in covered in spewn oil. What a messy sight.