And the road goes on forever...

Friday, December 18, 2009


Even our cat was figuring some of the fresh crab should be his after cooking it today. Marc decided he wants to make a New Year’s Crab Cioppino so we hit the Crab Shack in Charleston and purchased three live crabs to cook and freeze to take with us. It kills us to have to pay for crab but with the boat under wraps and no ’09 crabbing licenses we decided to wait until after the New Years to do our own crabbing.

It’s been a seafood kinda week, with our friends Paul and Virginia having taken us to the Bandon waterfront one day for lunch at the Bandon Fish Market where the feature is fresh cod fish and chips served with clam chowder. You'll note we were the only ones in the parking lot the weather was so nasty. Leaving, I just had to grab some smoked salmon dip for crackers which I later found was to die for. We'll definitely be going back for more of that stuff! It was a day of pouring rain and blustery winds, causing the sea to become a murderous caldron but it was great to see friends and get caught up.

Being here has been a relaxing experience after the trauma of the past few weeks but we take off tomorrow for Bend to see what will become of my father and to enjoy a family Christmas. Hopefully by now, the RV is defrosted so we can live in it and Marc can start to get everything fixed on all the rolling stock.

Mission accomplished here: the park model is officially on the market with a Broker on locbox so it can be shown any time, so we’ll hope we see some play on that before March.