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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dreams...Another Marina Visit

Are dreams the future fuel of accomplishment as one of my RV penpals has noted? If so Marc and I wrapped ourselves in a blanket of dreams this past Sunday as we drove out to tour the new Bremerton Marina. Bremerton sits on the Kitsap Peninsula across the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma and fifteen miles north of Gig Harbor. It hosts the largest naval shipyard on the west coast where the hulking mass of an aircraft carrier is the first sight that greets you as you enter town.

It’s an old town so streets are a warren of hills, curves and narrow lanes as we wove our way following signs for the Seattle ferry landing. We know the marina sits directly adjacent. Numerous parking lots and garages point out that parking must be a tight free-for-all in this small downtown district during business hours and I suspect a high percentage of workers who commute to Seattle via ferry. We pay $2 for two hours right next to the marina* and jump out into the windy but spectacularly clear day to explore the docks. This marina has a wide dock open during the day, which connects to a long and beautiful promenade allowing fishing and crabbing. Quaint light fixtures allow for nighttime safety. As is typical with other marinas, all other docks are locked off from the public. (*Tenants now enjoy two free parking spaces with the recent acquisition of their own parking lot).

Greeting us on the public docks is a line of boats for sale and we immediately find a brand that I’ve been studying, featuring twin Perkins diesels, an aft queen cabin with sun deck and full enclosures. She needs a little TLC on the exterior and appears monstrous at 40 foot towering above us. Honey, I think a forty footer would be p-l-e-n-t-y of space (I can’t imagine piloting and docking this thing!) Marc agrees; now we’re talking! Of course, several others farther down the dock also woo us in until we see the posted prices. Perhaps the first lady is a better fit after all. Alas, the local yacht dealer is not available Sunday for a showing.

Bremerton Marina--state of the art since it is new, and with a lovely view out towards hills, islands and peninsulas and its prime in-town location; could this make a pleasant home? Downtown beckons enticingly close, as does one of the famous Anthony’s fish restaurants just above the docks and the direct-to-Seattle state ferry so conveniently next door. There’s even a jumping “artsy” water fountain for entertainment and we’ve seen from some of the pictures at the marina office how all the city lights dance and sparkle over the water at night. Just right for gazing from that enclosed aft deck as we relax and dine al fresco after a hard day’s work; ah…dreams. Oh that’s right : we don’t have work. Thirteen months and counting....