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Friday, October 23, 2009

Can You Tell We've Been Working (hard)?

My job is pretty much at a standstill until Marc gets more of his end of the carpentry finished. I stayed away the day he wore a professional level respirator mask to tear apart the laundry room which was filled with the black mold. He had to take it down to the slab foundation. It is amazing looking at the studs to see them so filled with the mold as to appear to be scorched from a fire. In addition, there was a thick coating of white cottage cheesy type mold—totally disgusting!

The culprit in this mess was a clogged dryer vent which was left to spew moisture and lint throughout the home (for years). The mold growing in this vent was an absolute horror show of contagion!

By now, the things that can be cleaned are cleaned; the baseboard, carpet and tack strips are ripped out; the cabinets, door and window trim are taped off ready for wall painting and Marc is waiting on some dry days to repair more of the carport roof. Once he rebuilds the laundry room he may have a sheet rocker in to repair that portion of the walls and we should be good to paint. The Freightliner did admirable double duty as a debris dumpster to the local land fill. Meanwhile, the apex of fall has arrived and is already going with all the wind and storms, so since I have the next few days off I hope to get some local color pictures up for my next post (if it stops raining long enough).