And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Time seems to go faster in big cities and I now think I know the reason. I can say this because in a mere blink of the eye, the entire weekend has just about passed!

Saturday we joined Rachael for Military Appreciation Day at the relatively new Cabela’s store in Lacey. For those of you who have never experienced a personal visit to one of their stores, you’ve really missed out. Always their stores have a) many fine specimens of stuffed animals on display; b) a huge gun section, one room of which is the gun library featuring old and rare findings, and c)an aquarium of warm and cold water game fish. After wandering and a delicious lunch of game meat in their cafĂ© (elk sandwich, venison brat) we grew weary of fighting heavy, heavy crowds so headed south on I-5 to the Capital Forest.

This is one of the few places available in the area to do any target shooting and Rachael wanted some practice. The Capital Forest is a very nice setting south of Olympia with campgrounds, ATV and hiking trails. Marc was thrilled to find so much brass for reloading just lying around for the picking-up.

Sunday I joined Rachael in a work foray to the Tacoma Dome for a wedding faire event. Since we got out so early in the morning we just missed the heavy returning north bound traffic, already starting to form going into Seattle by noon. Marc worked on finally clearing our freezer of all those delicious blackberries we picked previously and is on a jam-making extravaganza this afternoon!

Oh yeah, back to the reason: half of one’s time is spent in traffic! For twenty years we’ve missed this dubious thrill. Is this going to be worth it?