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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Cool is Blogging? Read on to See!

I’ve often heard from strangers out of the blue when something I’ve done on our website peaks someone’s interest. It happens particularly regarding the photo story videos I have done in the past that I post on our main webpage.

I’m sitting in Ft. Lewis, WA fretting continuously about finding a job when unexpectedly a strange email address gets delivered to my inbox with the title “yacht envy blog”. Faithful readers may recall an entry from May 12th about me wistfully watching two of the most beautiful yachts I had ever encountered in Charleston motor on out the harbor and head north. I was wondering if they could perhaps even be on their way to Alaska. Well, today I may have found out the answer to that question. To AF from Victoria, BC please know that you thrilled me to no end by writing! Thank you for this gift.

Hello Claudia,
You don't know me but I was directed to your blog when I too searched out the yacht Kodiak and it's smaller counterpart "Gaelforce".
I too was mesmerized by these two yachts two days ago when I saw them anchored together in Poet's Cove on South Pender Island, B.C. I just thought I'd drop you a line and tell you. They were together and I too, am envious of privilege and also wondered as they powered out of the harbour Monday where they may have been headed next.
Perhaps a lottery win one day will allow either one of us to vye for anchoring space with them! LOL
Enjoyed your words on the yachts Kodiak and Gaelforce :o)