And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friends Make Our Days

That’s the way I feel about this couple, a former workmate partner and dear friends, who happen to be visiting up the highway at Winchester Bay in their motorhome so stopped by Saturday.

We went to a small café lunch of fish and chips in (our favorite) Charleston and talked of all the changes in each of our lives. The visit was short but just what the doctor ordered for me; a respite from work and a connection with a past that was memorable for good times—much better times than what I’ve endured recently, that’ s for sure.

Our weather has improved on the coast; it’s been warmer, sunnier, but windy. I’m still very worn out from my work week so not doing much beyond resting on weekends for the upcoming arduous forty hours which certainly take their toll on this older body. I just try hard to take it a day at a time.

Marc’s news is that he may be able to return in the RV to Bend by the second week in July. I hope so. Because after that, he comes here.

Despite the wind, I packed a picnic lunch, loaded the folding chair into the car and sought a beach area. The wind was howling so badly at Charleston, the sand blew into my eyes so I headed west into Sunset Bay SP. Due to the sheltering cliffs and trees helping to block the north wind, this beach was the perfect location for a little R & R as I people watched and had my picnic. The tide was way out and families were busy enjoying the sand and water with their little ones and dogs. The weekend has been too short but the break has been nice.