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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Remains of Detroit

Take a moment to click this link Detroit and study these photos and where America has fallen. Few things have recently moved me so much; as we're on the verge of having all our major car companies go into bankruptcy. They are one of the few last vestiges of our former industrial strength; one of the few industries still producing family living wage jobs. Although you may not agree with the models they produce, you cannot disagree that their demise will not do our country ANY good whatsoever. Where do we go from here as America sinks ever more into the abyss of this depression? As the photographer asks: did giving away our industry for service jobs make any sense at all? "America was once the standard-bearer for quality," he says. "In transitioning from a production economy to a service economy, we gave away something that we didn't understand the importance of." Truly, as you look at photo #6: I said to myself, "this looks like something out of the former Soviet Union. Big, ornate buildings built with true artisan talent, reduced to ruin by the Communist takeover."