And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

Like a harbinger of things to come, we sweltered under high heat early this week. It nearly made a record setting heat rating at 91 degrees, about 15 above normal for this time of year in Yuma. Things have been moderating lately so we’ve been in pick-up and pack-up mode on the lot in anticipation of leaving here next Tuesday bright and early. As of right now the plans are to leave our fifth wheel parked here and return to Oregon in the Freightliner pulling the Saturn. We need to return the first set of truck tires that didn’t work out for a refund and there is not room in the Saturn to haul them. We’re routing through California in hopes of better weather and to stay with friends to mitigate the costs of travel. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be returning, also through California, around the first part of April. After that, we have no idea what will transpire or where we’ll be headed next.

I hope to update the blog as much as possible in the next month without a given internet connection. We no longer have our dedicated cable connection in Coos Bay nor is there any internet in Bend we can access. I will continue to write the entries; they may just all be posted when we return. With our daughter getting married, there will be a lot going on!

The snowbirds are starting to flock out of Yuma the same way they came in; in dribs and drabs. Some of the rental lots are already totally vacant; our current tenants are due to leave at the end of March but may leave earlier. One has to wonder with bad weather still covering much of the nation where all these RVers are headed in such a hurry but maybe they are just running from the 90 degrees, figuring it could stick around!

We will soon dump the spa, cover it over with Marc’s slick new wooden cover, remove the leaded window and fountain from the wall and reset the irrigation timers for high heat watering. Our patio set breaks down into pieces, as will the barbecue—after it all stuffs the shed there is no getting back into it. Turn the utilities off and again the lot can sit desolate waiting for its next visitors as the weather turns cold and the snowbirds once again take to their yearly migration south.