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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blue Window or White?

The days go marching on to a beat played totally by how much work is on tap and how our backs and Marc’s leg feel. Actually, we’ve made quite a bit of progress but much of it is little piddly stuff that only shows if one is aware of the “pre” state of our lot. Things like cutting off our third sewer connection to ground level and connecting up the electric which runs from the newly installed outlet on the wall all the way over to the electrical post a good sixty feet away. And lots and lots of digging for some odd reason.

My fountain arrived on Friday—a fiberglass twenty pound affair which was simple for Marc to hang; wasn’t too costly on the pocketbook, and will be easy for us to remove into the storage shed when we leave. Luckily however, it makes a soothingly loud melodious sound which was what I was after. Once Marc gets a ground outlet installed (instead of using the wall plug) the cord can be run straight down to it and covered with a plant and it will look much nicer.

It sits next to the old leaded window which he also temporarily installed. I purchased this window, reputed to be over 100 years old (and likely is since the glass is wavy) off EBay in 2005, when it arrived heartbreakingly broken due to poor packing. After several go-rounds with the seller and threats of negative feedback, she refunded my money since she had also received an insurance payoff from UPS. It didn’t seem fair she should get paid twice while I was stuck with a broken window. Marc is fairly certain he will be able to repair the window, albeit the design will have to change since we will likely add colored wavy glass and only keep the original beveled portions of the inside of the design. But that is for a later time. Meanwhile, it brings me joy to see the hole in the wall completed as was meant even though if with a broken window it appears a tad rustic.

One side of the window is chippy, old, full-of-lead white paint and the other side is chippy, old, full-of-lead blue paint. Marc wants it all painted blue, which would lose the character of the piece I think; I want the one side to remain white. Since it was my original idea to begin with guess who is going to win this one?

The major accomplishment this week was getting the new pad poured and finished for the spa. Right now the spa occupies one corner of our main patio but we determined it took up too much space so we are moving it to its own pad which abuts the patio. Since we are planning a major party the first week in January having the additional patio space will be crucial for entertaining.

So, we end the week with Marc finishing up the paver project next to the privacy wall, cutting the final pieces with a rental wet saw. No, Marc is not a lazy man as he sits here doing this; with his knee operations he is now unable to kneel or squat so his only choice as he works is to sit. Next will come some type of edgers to surround the palm. But that’s next week.