And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silken Sea

We’ll be moving into our third week of rainy weather here at the Oregon coast with the extended forecast showing no break in sight. To keep from becoming totally insane from “house-i-tis” our main outlet has been going crabbing. Yesterday was no different, although we did get a weather break of sorts in that it was dry and at one point we saw sun for about half an hour.

The grey days turn the bay into molten steel, silken and shimmering in the wind bourn waves.

We’ve also noticed with bad weather that we have a flotilla of seagulls following our boat like a miniature navy. They are hungry and create a feeding frenzy when Marc tosses the used bait overboard as he gets ready to rebait the pots.

Once again we’re the most popular folks in the RV park since we usually share our bounty with the seniors here who don’t have either the physical or financial possibility of crabbing. They have to pick their own though; our fingers are sore enough.