And the road goes on forever...

Monday, November 17, 2008

All About the Daughter

It’s been some time since I’ve visited my daughter and given that things are pretty slow here at the coast we decided a weekend visit was in order. Friday I jumped in the car and started the long slog north, primarily on I-5, to the Seattle area town of DuPont. Much of the trip was foggy, but Portland gleamed pristine in the sunshine four and a half hours into the journey. The trip is about 350 miles one way.
I arrived to both her new little kitty Derby, and her boyfriend who had just gotten through with the Army for the day. After getting acquainted with and playing with Derby for an hour or two, I put together the crab brushetta Rachael had requested for dinner. I had also brought them a surprise of two fresh crabs. Once she arrived home they both dug into it like hungry dogs!

We didn’t do anything special besides visiting, shopping and lunch out at the hugely packed Tacoma Mall since the visit was so short. Rachael and Brandon don’t get a lot of time off together so I left Sunday early feeling like I might be coming down with a cold. DuPont is a planned community—not just a neighborhood—but the entire town, on the outskirts of Ft. Lewis and provides nearly new housing communities and shops, winding streets, jogging paths and even a large nature preserve left a la natural since the early 1840’s Ft. Nisqually, originally settled by the fur traders who worked the area. It reeks “Pleasantville” with its neat homes all lined up with front porches sporting pumpkins, decorations of the season, and American flags. Majestic Mt. Rainier broods silently above it all.