And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

End of Summer

I’ve run out of steam for doing much more to the yard and house this summer it seems. I may yet get more motivation before leaving but Marc would like to time things for my leaving at least by the final week of October. He will fly out and help me drive out in my RV—apparently, he didn’t like the places I stayed my last trip back and was worried sick about me. 

It will be nice to not have to do all the driving myself and I can practice my backing endeavors with an expert by my side. With two drivers, we can also make more mileage each day, because let’s face it, this isn’t a sightseeing trip. I just really don’t enjoy these traipses back and forth across the country anymore; in fact, am dreading it. 

Once back in Yuma, Marc is going to put me to work, which I will welcome. They will be nearing the point on the project for me to observe, organize, and monitor all the sub-contractors for the punch-list items. For those not in the business that term refers to all the items and little nitpicky things that need correcting towards the end. I make the lists and then keep it updated daily for all units. In addition, I will also take on my litter and sweeping duties so I should easily get at least four hours daily. Both our trailers will be on the job site so it will be very convenient for me not to have to commute from our lot. 

Speaking of Yuma, we're getting some good interest in our lot for sale so I'm looking forward to being there and hopefully meeting some of those who have called on it. Many will be arriving in November so we're really hopeful we can get this sold before the new year! Having decided to take the $20,000+ loss on it at its current pricing, it's the least expensive, most improved RV lot in our prime area so there is no reason it shouldn't sell once the snowbirds all arrive. 

Marc was home at the end of August and able to stay long enough for our 29th anniversary. We celebrated with a bonfire—actually, he finally found time one cool morning to deal with our huge burn pile. I had lost several large branches from some of the front trees plus two years’ worth of yard trimmings and debris so it was becoming an eyesore. In addition to that he finally got our front door painted.
A couple Saturdays ago, I once again helped out the shelter with their bake sale at the Fall O’ Rama. It was a very warm day but things sold well, including all the breads I had made for the occasion. Given the technique I use to make my peasant bread, the process takes two days and I can only make four loaves at a time so I started devoting many hours to the task in August. They upped the pricing on items this year and marked $7/loaf and my bread was still gone before noon. Guess folks really enjoy it! Yes, that is a girl walking her goat: ya gotta love small town celebrations!
It’s been a strange weather year here (as elsewhere) with a relatively cool summer and now a hotter fall with lots of abnormal humidity. Colors are changing but they seem very muted and it’s a rare tree that has reached its normal glory. I’m not certain if I will get many eye candy pictures this year. Guess you’ll just have to tune in next time.