And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Last Fling

Time has passed so quickly this month and of course, been bittersweet. The hours with Mom are so precious. I deliberately haven’t been on-the-go too much beyond taking her out for a few shopping trips; instead spending time chatting, making meals together and playing Mexican Train (her favorite) nearly every night. I did manage to Craigslist some items Marc wanted sold and raised enough cash to cover some of the expenses of my return to WI. I also babysat the installation of her new heating system and thermostat and she is well on her way to understanding how that will work. 

Unfortunately, she still refuses to give up her wood stove, saying that does a better job on keeping her old bones warm. Given her age, my brother and I were hoping to do-away with the whole buy and split and stack and pack thing with the wood. Oh well, since he is the one left to do it, he will need to deal with it and her stubborn refusal. 

On their last visit my son and daughter-in-law made a fabulous dinner for us last evening and I indulged in all my seafood favorites! He used to be a chef so he easily whipped up homemade Hollandaise to top off King salmon stuffed with Dungeness crab, smothered in Brie then baked to perfection. As if that wasn’t enough heaven, I also bought 24 fresh oysters which I BBQ’d and we washed it all down with Hillary’s homemade margaritas on the rocks. The temperatures even cooperated for us to do a little “porch sittin’”.
Early on Tuesday I will start the long slog east; following for a time the path through Idaho taken by daughter Rachael and Eric as they make their move to Dallas. They leave very early Monday morning having wrapped up everything in Portland and watched as the moving company left with all their possessions save for what would fit in her Subaru for the trip. I’m sure we’ll be comparing texts each evening as to our travel days, although mine will be much longer than theirs and certainly much slower paced. The weather forecast doesn’t sound particularly optimal with lots of rain showers for the first few days and maybe even some snow showers in Montana. It’s still changeable spring in the high country. 

This my last entry for awhile, since I had internet at the house turned off and have not as yet scheduled its re-installation. Plus, life will be hectic for a time given all there is to catch up on at home, like grass cutting and weed pulling and planting a garden!