And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Park Model Rides Again

It was somewhat bittersweet as we saw the park model disappear down our street on its way to its new home just across the freeway to the north. The salvation is that it went to some very nice people who are fantastically excited about owning it and it provided a good principal reduction to our mortgage in Wisconsin. Not only did they buy the park model but they also purchased our storage shed on wheels for a workshop so it cleared off the entire western side of our lot. Now hopefully, we will stand a better chance of selling the lot since it’s back to the way it looked years and years ago, as just an RV lot.
We’re left with all the stuff that came out of the shed trying to sort through it and find storage space for those items. Another trip to the dumps is in order and some will be donated to Helping Hands. 

Marc has temporarily set up his office in my small trailer so it will be awhile until I can practice towing again. He did get the air bags installed and new shocks and the hitch all set on my truck. He is still working on installing the trailer brake. He’s getting busier with his project and may be able to order the setting of his job trailer by the end of the week.
We’ve been enjoying the nice winter weather but I’m having trouble adjusting to all the crowds after living in rural Wisconsin for so long.