And the road goes on forever...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Rain, Rain Stay Awhile

This week we got quite a bit accomplished around the homestead with the completion of the porch decking, temporary railing and steps, and the final grade excavation done. The dirt piles are gone!
That left around 22,000 square feet of lawn-less area that needs to be reseeded and after checking with a nursery regarding the possibility of hydro seeding, to the tune of $5000, we decided using a whirligig to hand seed would be a much better option for our pocketbook. So to that end, knowing that we had a big rainstorm coming, we got seed on a portion of the ground yesterday just before the sprinkles started falling. We will be doing it in quadrants to make it easier for me to keep up with watering.
Yes, we’re enjoying a very rainy Memorial Day but at least it’s warm. The grass seed should take off quickly and we needed the rain since it’s been inordinately dry lately. Our Saturday was gorgeous though so we got started on installing our vinyl siding on the back of the house. Taking a break from that in late afternoon, Marc even had enough energy to BBQ beer can chicken and they were beauties!
I got ahead of myself planting some perennials since I am so excited to be getting into gardening; I plan a cottage flower garden area immediately adjacent to the front deck and front of the house and now Marc informs me it’s all going to be in his way when he needs to install the front siding. We are giving consideration to making the front porch an enclosed sun porch which would extend it to three season use. Without gutters yet, it is also all getting supremely flooded out this morning. The soft, excavated dirt makes walking across it virtually impossible so will prevent us from doing any outside work today and for several days. It’s a good thing there are still a ton of inside jobs to be completed; he is finally doing my linen closet shelving! 

Marc won’t have much time this week as he has another upcoming trip west which will effectively kill next weekend as well. Two steps forward; one step back on the treadmill of time.