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Friday, March 13, 2015

Cabinets and Some Floor!

Marc’s due in late tonight after another round of his projects from North Dakota to Minnesota for the past week. He will be glad to get back to building our house rather than dealing with the tragic job fatality in Minnesota. That situation has just become a quagmire of attorneys and insurance people. 

And speaking of quagmire, that’s what we have now out at the house where the snow has melted but the underlying ground has not, creating mud so soft it’s nearly impossible to transgress. Marc left out laying the vinyl in the laundry room figuring we would need a “mud room” for awhile and it’s now living up to its name. He did complete the vinyl in both baths and also set those vanities before leaving. During his absence I purchased the towel bars and TP holders and we also have the sinks on hand so now it’s just a matter of him finalizing the countertop installation and we should be able to have the baths about complete other than the shower surround. We haven’t bothered with toilets as yet because we still have no water. The plumber indicated he would be able to join us this weekend however, so we should get a long way towards completing the plumbing and the gas lines. The furnace is completely installed but awaits the gas lines for final testing before it can be inaugurated. 

This stage of the process has become the thrilling part for me, when the final touches are coming together and I get to see the results of all the planning in my head. I was absolutely overjoyed with our flooring as Marc got it laid in the great room and then sent into heaven when he unwrapped the kitchen cabinets. They go together like a hand and glove! I’m pleased with the rustic wood choice, knotty alder, and the glazed distressed finish is amazing. I wasn’t expecting soft self close drawers and doors since I hadn’t ordered them, but they completed the package.
I opted for two large drawer banks rather than conventional cabinets because it is said drawers hold more and are much easier to access. A lazy Susan will occupy the corner. Since white is our trim color, the white appliances should pick up that as well. While I love the look of stainless appliances, I absolutely abhor its upkeep so determined its a bandwagon I wouldn't jump aboard again (I have it in the RV). Plus, it dents too easily and looks a mess of fingerprints and smudges unless one is anal about its upkeep. White appliances are timeless, easier on the wallet and we're not building this house for resale value.
Marc put together most of our ceiling fan and light in an effort to determine if we needed a longer down rod which we both felt we did. It’s a highly unusual fan called Yellowstone I found at Menards which features bas relief of pine trees and moose and rustic rawhide shades. One of the shades was crushed so I have a replacement on order. It’s always something.
Marc has determined we will move in before the house is completed and we’re hopeful that can occur within about a month but I have my doubts. At least Wisconsin’s weather is getting more cooperative and spring is on its way! And now another long weekend of work awaits us….