And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Marc's Return

Marc’s return trip was like all his others—a miserable series of tire blowouts from being loaded so heavily. Suffice it to say by the third day he had totally changed out all eight of the trailer tires to different tires than what he had started out with, which included buying four new tires to go along with the good Hancook tires he had taken off the Dodge which he was also using. He had to make a swing by Rapid City, S.D. and his latest project so arrived here about a week after leaving Yuma. Although he had hoped to get some things quickly unloaded, he promptly got sick and was in bed for two days and still suffering the effects of either flu or food poisoning from deli chicken (which he had bought along the way), for another two days. Needless to say, not a lot got accomplished his first week back and he was very behind on work paperwork and problems.
We finally made it out to the house to catch more of the basement insulation tasks over the past weekend and he continues to work on that this week after work. He needs to have at least one section of sheetrock hung in order for the HVAC guy to place the furnace. We have no plans to finish off the basement however, not wanting to raise our tax bill. Much to Marc’s consternation the drywall crew is hit and miss on when they show up, but won’t be pushed to move quicker, so hard telling when that portion of work will be finished. Marc has already purchased the primer and paint sprayer to get started on painting the minute the texture on the walls is done drying. It’s hard telling when we will get to the unloading from the move since the coming weekend is due to be snowy again. Work progresses; but slowly.