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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yuma Move is Underway

Marc told all the neighbors yesterday they were invited to the side show which was to start at 8 a.m. this morning. That show would be seeing various things swinging from the huge crane he hired to lift all of the heavy items for their move to Wisconsin. The main thing was to get the sea container emptied then loaded onto his flatbed trailer so it could be packed with what will fit. Unfortunately, there are many more items than space, so it is looking like we are going to be donating a heap of goods to Helping Hands for their annual yard sale.
I had asked Marc about his heavy welding bench and I see by the picture he sent me, it also is flying through the air, but I’m not sure of its final destination. Not only is space a consideration but weight is as well, so he is off to the scales to see just where he is weight-wise. If the bench doesn’t make it, it will be sold as scrap—a terrible shame for such a useful and expensive “tool” and one of Marc’s favorites.
This afternoon he meets with the Realtor for the possible bad news on the value of the property; Yuma has not enjoyed any real estate recovery so we are fully prepared to actually lose money on its sale. If all goes well, once it is listed, I will post an information page here as well which will make it easy for folks to view via a link. There will still be much packing up for Marc and tomorrow he goes into Algodones for some meds and dental check up, so he is one busy man. 

Me: not so much. Recent weather and storms often leave the highways less than desirable for travel and I’m also not real anxious to be out and about when the wind chill factor brings the temps into the -25 range. Given that Yuma is due to be 78 today that means that Marc is enjoying about a 100 degree difference. Boy, that hardly seems possible, does it? 

Right after Marc left, one morning when I got Spirit out of the bathroom (where she spends the night so the other cats don’t bother her) I noticed she was limping. As the early morning wore on, it got worse so I called our local vet and they were able to work me in right away. After x-rays determined she didn’t have a broken leg, they went ahead and put a splint on her to better protect its healing. I will take her back in for its removal on the 14th. She was in quite a bit of pain for the first few days and mainly kept to her bed but now seems much better and hops along pretty well on her wrapped leg. She has even learned to climb the chair with it on. It was really sad the first few days seeing her trying to manage and not understanding why she was all wrapped up. I told Marc now that we have $148 invested in her; I guess the decision on whether we keep her or not has just been made for us. It’s not a bad thing though; she already had our hearts and wasn’t letting go.