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Monday, July 14, 2014

Things Are Still Moving Slowly

There hasn’t been a ton of progress on our house due to Marc’s continued absence to North Dakota. We are both very sick of never-ending problematic projects! Our plumber finally secured the county permit for the new septic which is a requirement before the building permit is issued. 

I had thought my time this summer would be busy with house related building details but since that hasn’t transpired I am turning to crafts, making DIY projects like the above plaque, and volunteering to occupy my time. I am getting very involved with the Waupaca Humane Society and have worked many hours since Friday on helping with one of their major fund-raisers of the year, their annual rummage sale. It’s being set up and takes place in a boat warehouse at Becker’s Boats on the Chain of Lakes. It takes me back to all the work I did with Helping Hands in Yuma in regards to their giant yard sale and it’s been great fun getting to know so many fine and fun gals who do so much to support the animals and their needs. The Waupaca Society is totally funded through donations so the need is always there. When I now buy my own cat food, I buy a bag or case of canned food for them as well.
Of course, I am also finding favorites amongst the cats I work with. I go in for three hour stints of time to socialize with a group, usually six or eight, whom I let out of their imprisonment one at a time for playing, grooming, and just plain ‘ol kitty loving. For instance, there is Annabel, whose very countenance is so sad as she gazes out the partly open window. Then there is Trouble, who spends his time trying to constantly burgle his way out of his confinement. 

Since this is a no-kill shelter and there are quite a few elder cats, many of them end up living out their lives here in the cages. My mind hasn’t decided if that’s exactly humane or not since over time they become obese, muscles weaken and stiffen, and ultimately some even become anti-social and reach the point where they won’t come out of their cages. They basically disengage from life so what is the point of preserving them for life only in a cage? Their chances for adoption drop like a sinking stone and it’s heartbreaking to witness. It’s a sorry blight on our society that when animals become an inconvenience to their owners they are often just turned back in to the shelter where they may have originally come from years ago! It’s all I can do to leave each time and not take one home with me.
My own cat Rocket had a fun time out at the lot when Marc was home. He discovered the gophers that live in tunnels under the shop and found three too young to know better than to stick their heads out when a predator is about. Since Rocket mainly likes playing with his catch rather than killing it, two managed to get away, albeit wounded, but this unlucky guy was later left for dead, to be finished off by Marc. I wish we could leave Rocket loose for a few days there so he could rid us of all the rodents; we are overrun with them and they create dangerous holes in the lawn.
Speaking of lawn, I finally got a taste of mowing the entire lot, which took me around two hours or more. It’s a lot of dusty, noisy work!