And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Almost Nothing

Well, the sun has come out this morning on a brand new “snowless” day. We only thought we were through with ol’ man winter; he struck again this past week, leaving Marc on the edge of Minnesota with a closed freeway yet to drive in front of him and me sequestered inside yet again.

There hasn’t been much of note to comment on lately and I figure most folks have enough of the mundane in their lives they don’t need more from me. Now having health insurance for the first time in many moons, I’ve been catching up on all the wellness tests and exams the new Obama Care covers at no cost, including the dreaded colonoscopy. Thankfully, all went well with everything and I felt quite good at only receiving a bill of $236 for $4300 worth of medical tending to.

Next, it is Marc’s turn; he’s had a fatty tissue tumor growing on his lower back for years so he is scheduled to have surgical removal of that this coming Wednesday. That will earn him the rest of the week off work as he is forbidden from driving. Of course, his will cost a pretty penny since our policy has a $10,000 deductible so is virtually worthless for anything short of catastrophic happenings.

Although I haven’t been out to our lot lately, I’m sure the snow is about gone. There was a huge difference in just a week’s time in mid-March as you can see from the photos. Now that we can actually see the terrain our next step is to do some planning on placement—where we want the house, where we want the garden and the very tall fence we are going to need to keep the deer out. Marc has worked hard (with his little spare time) to build walls of shelving in the garage and is redoing the entire electrical there as well. It feels like baby steps but with him gone out of state much of the time and working such long hours, this project will likely slide by at a glacier’s pace. Life never goes as planned, does it?