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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Closing

Our closing on the lot was last Friday, while Marc was still in North Dakota overseeing his projects. Modern technology meant everything could be done through PDF and email; in fact, there was a mere two signatures required on our part. We’re now the proud owners of a piece of Wisconsin—once we get the chance to truly see it when the snow is gone! 

We spent yesterday moving the things that Marc brought back from Yuma into the shop and since it was very cold and even spitting snow, we just did a general dump and run. Marc did purchase a new snow blower, lumber and some insulation since he intends to slowly insulate the shop and improve it with plywood walls and new shelving. He’ll also re-wire the electrical but that will be a warm weather endeavor.
We’re dealing with quite a bit of snow in spots where it has drifted up. It seems as though I have become the “defacto” snow shoveler at the apartment complex—I’m one of the few here who don’t work out and I actually like the exercise and chance it provides to get outside at least for 15 minutes at a time. The temperatures are miserable enough, with many days featuring minus wind chill factor, that I do nothing else outside excepting running quickly from my car into any shopping I do. I spend lots of time on the computer researching things for the upcoming house.
We are still determining favorite floor plans and the next step will involve meeting with Marc’s employer to see what they can actually build it for. I would suspect we won’t be able to actually start until April since there is a lot of snow to melt off and it won’t be until then that we can determine the final outcome of the septic system. The testing showed that it passed for a new system but the engineer suggested he could do an evaluation when snow is clear to see if can repair the current system at much less cost. Where that system lies will determine where we can place the house. 

There are things I can get done in the meantime however, contacting the town and obtaining a new address is first on the list. Originally this was part of a 40 acre farm (the farmhouse burned down but we now own the original shop) which subsequently was subdivided into one acre lots and the current address is actually for that no-longer-existing home. Our ingress will have to be off one of the new subdivision streets rather than the county highway as previously, so that will require new mailbox placement, etc.

Common' old man winter, get on out of here soon so we can get busy!