And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Muted Colors of November

I haven’t been getting out much since my last entry as temperatures have dropped substantially and we’ve had a spell of off and on rainy days. Fall is just about gone and once again Marc is due to leave tomorrow for his week in North Dakota.
Marc and I just got back from wandering into town for our first breakfast out at Sciortini’s, a small café on the main drag. Pancakes and coffee were the perfect foil to the chilly morning. The skies decided to dump a little more than mist on our way home so I snapped raindrops falling on the Tomorrow River.
Rocket and I have been enjoying some of our last days in the town park. Every day seems to get a little colder or wetter and all too soon it will be covered in white stuff. Rocket has enjoyed running through the crunchy leaf piles with me tagging along at the end of his leash as though he was a little kid playing in the yard. When it’s time to go, I herd him back towards the car, open the door and tell him to get in and he obeys just like the (mostly) good boy he is. He reminds me all afternoon on the days the weather is too inclement for me to want to stand in the park for a half hour, that I am being derelict in my duty to him, in not getting him out. The park trips really are the highlight of his days where he gets to cavort over three acres of grass, trees, and dead leaves hiding field mice and moles as squirrels tease him from the trees.